Today, I realized my fascination wings. Wings are what allow creatures to fly. But if that creature is kept in a cage, then those wonderful wings are useless. And when the creature is allowed out of the cage, it has no idea what to do with those things. Those wings. And so its goes crazy and crashes against everything because it has found its use and wants to compensate for all that time they were held hostage. 

This is what happened to my poor little parakeet when one day it found itself outside the cage, and crashed against the windows and walls. Finally, it found no escape in a the crevice behind the radiator and had an injured wing. But its a warrior, and many years later its still alive, but still in the same cage. 

It was a metaphor for years to come. 



They had never met, you know. One of the most famous kisses, and it was a whim, a spur of the moment.

oh my goodness. Best tumblr picture ever.

i. love. this.

We’re taught “don’t get raped” when it should be “don’t rape”.

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